Diversity is the key to success!

Finding top women is a challenge, and at the same time your organization must meet the diversity guidelines on which you must report.

Together with its clients
& Female Capital is committed to a better ratio between men and women at the top.

Our executive search is exclusively focused on women, diversity programs, advice and (empowerment) training.

For more than 8 years, & Female Capital has been successfully committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity within top Dutch companies.

In our network of female executive talent and specialists in the field of diversity and inclusion, we have built a reliable name and valuable reputation that top Dutch companies benefit from. We are a signatory of the Executive Search code of Talent to the Top.

& Female Capital helps you attract female talent and successfully implement a diverse and inclusive policy.

Female Executive Search

We find the best women in the market for top positions within your organization. More gender diversity in the upper layers of your organization contributes to a more diverse perspective in decision-making.

Diversity Policy & Strategy

A well-developed diversity policy and strategy not only contributes to a more positive and inclusive workplace, but can also lead to increased creativity, better decision-making, higher employee satisfaction and a stronger corporate reputation.

Empowerment Workshop

Empowerment workshops are essential for organizations striving to create an inclusive culture. They provide a platform for learning, discussion, and self-reflection, helping to reduce discrimination and promote equality in the workplace.

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You are already a top company working in the Netherlands, now take your place as a top employer for women with a top policy in the field of diversity and inclusion.

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